Morgan Shaughnessy

A Pirate's Life... August 19, 2012 17:20

Being a musician - a full-time, career musician - is not one of those paths you choose because you think it's going to be consistent in any way - financially, critically, how "in" or "out" you are with whom at what time and over whom and what they have influence - one cannot control these things. These things are virtually guaranteed to continually fluctuate over the lifespan and career of a musician. It's a path that is chosen out of either necessity or greed&ego - hopefully the former. When positive things happen in our career, we are thrilled to be moving toward the top of the wheel. These are our benchmarks. Sometimes we have to beg, steal (only in fractions of pennies - Office Space style) and borrow in between these benchmarks in order to maintain our lives and our creative lifeforce. The friends and family of (hopefully talented) musicians are pretty lucky - just because of all the free live entertainment. They rely on us to entertain them fairly constantly and we rely on them for a place to stay, people to yell really loudly in the audience, people to tell us how awesome or horrible our new songs are, and just generally support us on our wildly varying trip to the top. This brings me to the concept of merchandise. It's basically a free exchange of all these ideas - self-designed, still attempting to please people aesthetically - and a way for people to both show their support and actually give support in doing so. Hook yourself up with some. Check out the promos going on right now they're pretty nuts. Love and other drugs, Morgan

Bottled Water Is Basically Satan June 25, 2012 21:40

Why you should own your own inexpensive refillable water bottle with a portable filter - and why it's irresponsible not to.   The mere fact of bottled water is itself a funny thing. Clean, serviceable tap water flows directly into the majority of the world’s homes in industrialized nations. While of varying quality, it is free and widely available. Yet this resource goes largely untapped. For many, municipal tap water is considered second-rate, a drink of last resort. Even in a city like New York, famed for the quality of its tap water, single-serve bottled water is wildly popular. Each brand proclaims the alleged purity of its source: mythical mountain streams, hidden lakes, tropical isles in the Pacific, Alpine glaciers. The concept sells. One estimate suggests that the world consumes more than 200 billion single-serve bottles of water per year. Yet stroll through the streets, sidewalks and landfills in and around New York and you’ll see the impact of that popularity. The same is true in Paris, in London, in Sao Paolo, in Tokyo and nearly every region worldwide. These water bottles strangle our sea life and litter our sidewalks. ________________________________________________________________________________________ One can purchase refillable water bottles with their own filters for around ~ $10 now at sooo many places, including here. Help keep harmful plastics out of landfills. Which, ironically, ultimately run off back into our water supply : ) After 1 year, you alone will have removed thousands of bottles from the environment, simply by filtering the water from your tap, AND you will be free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC (make sure to buy one with a good filter)!  

Physical CDs Avail by Request June 10, 2012 15:44

Yo - I got a special request for this recently so just wanted to let everyone know that if anyone wants a physical CD personally decorated by me, hit me up in the contact section or in real life if you know me. I'll probably take your call if we're not fighting. We will hook that shit up. Love and other drugs, Morgan

It's All Happening May 10, 2012 15:26

Recently I have been having a lot of surgeries - long story. Point is, between my brief periods between recoveries and my being sometimes bedridden and unable to speak or sing, I have finally forced myself to go back and compile and arrange about 12 original songs that are fully ready to record semi-demo style (Computer - yes. Studio - no. Studio requires my ability to give 100%, and they are waiting (im)patiently for me. I am hurrying.) Some are old, some are new, some are amazing combinations of old and new that came together synchronistastically :) I will be recording those - all of them - very soon. Until then, I will continue to release streaming covers which I recorded on my iPhone in whatever moments I could. The sound quality surprises even me - good idea, Morgan. I have just released my Adele cover that everyone's been wanting to hear, next on the way you'll get to hear me take on Taylor Swift - a request from my teenaged BFF that turned out pretty bomb-ass. I always enjoy recreating songs with large dynamics with only a voice and an acoustic - of course I played it on my Taylor. So keep checking for more covers and keep double-checking for originals... They're on their way. PS - T-shirt design is underway and I had no idea how dope these are looking like they're gonna turn out. For now, buy some bracelets? Check out the Super Limited Edition pens in the store - there are very few, I doubt they will be re-ordered, and they are very special. :D Speaking of which, become a Facebook fan for promo codes to get deals and shit.

Art Prints / Commissions May 8, 2012 23:09

If anyone is interested in buying 4 x 6 (really awesome and adorable) or 8.5 x 11 prints on photo paper of any of my artwork, please get in contact with me through the contact form, facebook, or any other way you can find to hunt me down. If you by some magical happenstance have a custom commission for me in your imagination, please get in touch with me as well - I'd be delighted. Right now I'm working on an acrylic painting of a Labradoodle and a Poodle named Jalopy and Monty for a high-end retail store, so don't hold back with your ideas. :) - Morgan

First Post April 27, 2012 10:56

So this is my first blog post in my life that's not about vegan food... Guess I should make use of this thing though. The music that comprises the guts of this website (which has been a long time coming) is what will later come to be referred to as "The Early Recordings" - which is fine by me, people love that shit - as well they should. It's the most bare, lo-fi, honest, and self-reliant that musicians get. No studio, no producers, no nothing. Some of these were recorded on an old 4-track tape recorder through which I could not record drums due to the sheer lack of tracks and/or a giant mixer. Two or three were recorded on a computer, and still others - the majority, in fact - were recorded on cell phones. The fidelity amped up a lot when I went from 2nd generation Blackberry to iPhone 4S (Thx Steve Jobs xoxo). Many were recorded in hospice or hospital settings, and if that doesn't breed emotional intensity, I don't know what does. I have a 4-song studio EP set to start recording soon - these songs will be full-band and I will have producers. However, if you want to know where the songs really came from, this is it. They were written anywhere from age 14 to yesterday. You think you know? You have no idea :) - Morgan PS - In these songs you will hear guitar, drums, bass, piano, and vocal harmonies. Those are all my contributions - no other musicians - except my dubstep song ft. The Computer."