Morgan Shaughnessy has been described as “Etta James born into punk rock”. Shaughnessy’s sultry, dynamic voice and magnetic stage presence has drawn out enthusiastic crowds throughout the Southeast. As a native Atlantan, she regularly performs at revered rock clubs such as Smith’s Olde Bar, Drunken Unicorn, and Star Bar, but she sets her sights higher with an upcoming tour.

Morgan’s music encompasses a wide range of moods – from nostalgic throwback, to haunting ballad, to windows down rock n’ roll. Her life’s loves and struggles are depicted in her original lyrics, powerful metaphors, and engaging storytelling. She pays homage to personal guitar heroes such as John Mayer and John Frusciante, while still showing her mastery of other instruments, including drums, bass, piano, and mandolin.

A vegan and avid supporter of equality, Shaughnessy has a love, respect, and passion for all living things. She is a strong and vocal advocate for protecting women, children, and animals. Shaughnessy is a young woman with a unique spiritual vision and an undying ambition to inspire positive change.

Her passion for and commitment to her music have remained unwavering, despite physical challenges that most would find impossible. Remarkably, she recorded her entire debut EP, Makeout Scars & Breakout Stars, while laying in bed. As Jeffrey Sisk of PGH In Tune said, “You should get to know this inspirational young artist.”