Bottled Water Is Basically Satan June 25, 2012 21:40

Why you should own your own inexpensive refillable water bottle with a portable filter - and why it's irresponsible not to.   The mere fact of bottled water is itself a funny thing. Clean, serviceable tap water flows directly into the majority of the world’s homes in industrialized nations. While of varying quality, it is free and widely available. Yet this resource goes largely untapped. For many, municipal tap water is considered second-rate, a drink of last resort. Even in a city like New York, famed for the quality of its tap water, single-serve bottled water is wildly popular. Each brand proclaims the alleged purity of its source: mythical mountain streams, hidden lakes, tropical isles in the Pacific, Alpine glaciers. The concept sells. One estimate suggests that the world consumes more than 200 billion single-serve bottles of water per year. Yet stroll through the streets, sidewalks and landfills in and around New York and you’ll see the impact of that popularity. The same is true in Paris, in London, in Sao Paolo, in Tokyo and nearly every region worldwide. These water bottles strangle our sea life and litter our sidewalks. ________________________________________________________________________________________ One can purchase refillable water bottles with their own filters for around ~ $10 now at sooo many places, including here. Help keep harmful plastics out of landfills. Which, ironically, ultimately run off back into our water supply : ) After 1 year, you alone will have removed thousands of bottles from the environment, simply by filtering the water from your tap, AND you will be free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC (make sure to buy one with a good filter)!