It's All Happening May 10, 2012 15:26

Recently I have been having a lot of surgeries - long story. Point is, between my brief periods between recoveries and my being sometimes bedridden and unable to speak or sing, I have finally forced myself to go back and compile and arrange about 12 original songs that are fully ready to record semi-demo style (Computer - yes. Studio - no. Studio requires my ability to give 100%, and they are waiting (im)patiently for me. I am hurrying.) Some are old, some are new, some are amazing combinations of old and new that came together synchronistastically :) I will be recording those - all of them - very soon. Until then, I will continue to release streaming covers which I recorded on my iPhone in whatever moments I could. The sound quality surprises even me - good idea, Morgan. I have just released my Adele cover that everyone's been wanting to hear, next on the way you'll get to hear me take on Taylor Swift - a request from my teenaged BFF that turned out pretty bomb-ass. I always enjoy recreating songs with large dynamics with only a voice and an acoustic - of course I played it on my Taylor. So keep checking for more covers and keep double-checking for originals... They're on their way. PS - T-shirt design is underway and I had no idea how dope these are looking like they're gonna turn out. For now, buy some bracelets? Check out the Super Limited Edition pens in the store - there are very few, I doubt they will be re-ordered, and they are very special. :D Speaking of which, become a Facebook fan for promo codes to get deals and shit.